Amber Harmon

Why Are Raised Garden Beds Better Than Traditional Garden Beds?

Amber Harmon

Why Are Raised Garden Beds Better Than Traditional Garden Beds?

Raised Garden Beds Give Amazing Results

At Sungold Gardens, we are big fans of raised garden beds and their many benefits. If you’re unsure of what this is, it’s uncomplicated. It’s a garden bed that’s been raised a bit off the ground to help benefit the items growing within in. It works just like a traditional garden bed in the way it grows vegetables, fruits, and any flowers you might choose to cultivate at home. Raising garden beds allows us to have a bit more control over where we plant, how we plant, and the success of the items we plant when it’s time to harvest something fresh and beautiful. Many clients and gardeners alike wonder if raising our plant beds is more beneficial, and we are certain it is in many instances.

  • We get to choose where we garden at home rather than allowing the landscaping to dictate the location of a garden
  • The drainage in a raised garden bed is far superior
  • Keeping weeds out of beds that are raised is a simpler task
  • Pests, animals, and other nuisances that dwell in the ground are less likely to cause problems in raised beds
  • Raised beds allow for gardeners to place less strain on their body parts when gardening, which makes it a healthier alternative
  • We get to choose our own soil for our own growing
  • Raised soil beds warm more quickly from the sun, which means we can cultivate a longer and more efficient season for growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers

What Are Raised Garden Beds?

Raised garden beds are simply a garden bed that sits above the ground. Sungold Gardens creates custom and attractive designs that are far superior to anything else on the market. A professional garden bed made of high-quality materials and a luxurious design from Sungold Gardens is available here. Our raised garden beds come ready made with custom containers that allow the water irrigation system to work seamlessly with the container and plants.Using a raised bed allows for more benefits when growing, but it also requires a bit more education. It’s imperative to look into the many types of soil available, which types work well for which items being grown, and how to care for the items being grown. What makes raised beds such a welcome alternative to traditional flower beds is the fact that growers can choose to plant a myriad of different beds in the same location. Each one can contain its own soil, its own seeds, and its own growing patterns. If you think this may become overwhelming, not to worry, our staff at Sungold Gardens offer service plans where we teach you how to care for your raised garden bed each week and share our expertise. Raised beds are more beneficial for the casual gardener than traditional garden beds. It’s easy to make them aesthetically appealing, and it’s simple to understand how they work. Each year can bring a new garden, and each season is extended based on soil temperature.

Contact Us About Organic Vegetables

At Sungold Gardens, we fell hard for the concept of raised garden beds, and we recommend them for most any garden service. The sunshine state is a lovely place to live, but it’s not always conducive to successful growing based on the instability of the soil, the lime rock, the sand, and other factors. Raised garden beds merely increase our chances of growing successful gardens where it might not be possible otherwise. Contact us today to compare our service plans and begin growing organic food from the comfort of your own home!