We install and service high-yield, elevated, organic garden systems for home and business.

Do you want a lush self-sustaining food supply but don’t have the time or know how? We’ll build your dream garden and grow you delicious, nutrient dense organic produce, right in your own yard or business location. You choose the varieties you want from our seasonal menu. Then we re-plant twice a year to keep it fresh and interesting. Now servicing the Orlando area. Palm Beach county coming fall 2021.

New name, same bounty.

Formerly known as My Nona’s Garden, we’re excited to reintroduce ourselves to Orlando.

My Nona's Garden Logo

Elevate your food, your health and your life with a beautiful bountiful garden!

We utilize organic non-GMO practices to produce fresh, nutritious anti-oxidant rich vegetables that just cannot be found at a grocery store. You’ll taste the difference with every bite! Our dedicated team will meticulously care for your garden, providing in-service garden education and the opportunity to participate at whatever level you like. Green thumb or not, the wonderful experience of a self-sustaining organic food supply awaits your enjoyment for years to come.

The SunGold Gardens Elevated Advantage

Our gardens are conveniently positioned off the ground and packed with the latest technology. We carefully control all of the soil inputs and irrigation to provide you and your family or business with a one-of-a-kind outdoor garden experience full of healthy and delicious organic produce.

Organic & Non-GMO

Nutrient Dense Vegetables

Smart Watering Irrigation

Environmentally Friendly

Wide Selection of Produce

Higher Yields

EZ Harvest Accessibility

Full Garden Service

Self-watering with Wi-Fi enabled remote programming and real-time weather predicted adjustments.

We take care of everything. Our flexible teaching approach encourages client participation to learn about and enjoy the experience of gardening.

Our gardens can accommodate a wide variety of vegetables. Check out our seasonal menu to see exactly what you could be growing.

Advanced design combined with square foot garden practices, produces higher yields than traditional raised bed gardens.

No harmful pesticides, only organic soaps and oils if needed. Less water than traditional sprinkler systems.

Sungold Gardens' elevated design is wheelchair friendly with no need to break your back or crawl on the ground to service and harvest.

The amount of time and knowledge it takes to start a garden can be overwhelming.

Amber Harmon wanted to feed her family healthier produce than she could get at the store. So she left a 15-year career in IT to find a better way. That's when she started SunGold Gardens. Now, she wants to share her experience and knowledge with you.

Why our gardens?

Organic & Non-GMO

Nutrient Dense Vegetables

Smart Water Irrigation

Environmentally Friendly

Wide Selection of Produce

WiFi Remote Programming

Wheelchair Accessible

Full Garden Service

Our Process


We answer any questions in a short phone call. Then we find a good time to visit your home or workplace. From there, we design your garden.


Once we have designed your custom garden, we come out and build it. This only takes a couple of days. You'll be set up in no time.


Each week, we stop by to make sure everything is going well. Then we harvest just when the time is right. You and your family enjoy the rest!

We install and service organic gardens for individuals and businesses. Check out what people are saying!

Natalia Foote

Amber really knows how to help your garden grow! I didn’t think I could have a harden, and I do now. I’ve been successfully in almost all my plants and it’s created a love for the garden that I didn’t have before.


Darren Miller

With limited experience gardening in Florida I've been trying to figure out how to get back into my passion for gardening. When I found Sungold Gardens, I knew that this would be my solution. Amber has helped me to understand the ins and outs of how to garden in Central Florida and even beat the heat of the summer time and have a productive vegetable garden during the summer.

Jen Heishman-Dahn

I would highly recommend Sungold Gardens for anyone looking for a way to grow organic vegetables in their own backyard. Through the process of growing and harvesting, my whole family, including my children are eating more vegetables! Thank you Sungold Gardens!

J.M. Verduin

Amazing service!  Amber and her team have helped us to plant an organic garden, and the weekly service not only takes care of the garden, but also teaches us what to do (while making sure we don't mess it up!).  Thanks to Amber for creating such an awesome company, and a special thanks to Bianca for being such a great garden educator!

Amanda Christo

Great place to go if you want to start growing your own vegetables! Staff is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. Would definitely recommend if you want to grow fresh, pesticide free veggies in your own back yard!

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