Our Products

Elevated Cedar, Raised Aluzinc, and Tower Gardens

Our elevated, tower and raised bed gardens can be placed in a variety of locations with level ground and at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Our garden designs are superior to traditional raised bed gardens for various reasons: better drainage, better weed and pest control, more durable and less painful to reach, just to name a few. We have garden layouts available for anything from the smallest apartment to the largest home or business. We also offer monthly service options for all of our garden layouts, as well as consultation, repair and virtual service.

Organic & Non-GMO

Nutrient Dense Vegetables

Smart Water Irrigation

Environmentally Friendly

Wide Selection of Produce

WiFi Remote Programing

Ease of Accessibility

Full Garden Service

Benefits and Pricing

Our top of the line elevated raised-bed garden systems start with a stylish cedar bed that is lifted up off the ground. This keeps the garden bed away from pests, weeds, moisture, and erosion. Our portable Tower Gardens offer a unique opportunity for hi-yield harvests in small places, and our our Aluzinc raised metal beds are the industry leader and offer ease of service, room for deep rooted plants, and are built to last. Our garden planters can come installed and equipped with our Wi-Fi enabled smart watering irrigation system. Our garden beds last longer, are easier to maintain and harvest, and produce greater yields and healthier plants, as a result of our constant focus on innovation and improvement.
Prices start at $875 for a fully planted 5 tier portable Tower Garden, $950 for a fully planted Aluzinc Raised-bed Garden and $1400 for a fully planted Elevated Cedar Garden system with smart self watering  wi-fi enabled irrigation included.

Standalone Products and Services

In addition to offering complete elevated raised-bed garden packages, we offer all of our products and services individually as well. As a leader in home organic gardening we’re here to provide our clients a variety of valuable products and services to enhance their success and enjoyment in the garden.