Our Team

Our dedicated team of gardeners will care for and manage all aspects of the garden to provide the best yields possible. Our clients are free to participate at whatever level they wish, joining the team for in-service education and participating in all aspects…planting, pruning, and harvesting. It is truly a full-service educational approach resulting in a uniquely enjoyable and fulfilling gardening experience.

Full Garden Service

30+ Years Combined Experience

Educational Approach

Easy to Contact

Amber Harmon

Founder and President

Amber is a true pioneer in organic vegetable garden services. She started out gardening for her family, gaining extensive experience in the various methods and challenges of growing organic food in central Florida. In 2016 Amber left a 15-year career in IT and Project management to form My Nona’s Garden and pursue her passion for health and organic vegetable education for everyone in the community. She developed a cutting-edge high yield organic growing system featuring easy to harvest, smart watering, elevated gardens. Amber’s dream is to provide clients and the community the joy and many health benefits of their own bountiful garden that produces a clean, nutritious, self-sustaining food supply. With a new branding in place for 2020, her SunGold Gardens are in service and thriving all over Orlando and the surrounding area.

Andy Glickman

Co-founder and ceo

Andy is a health and fitness professional with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience. He’s been involved in every phase of business development from start-ups to acquisitions. In 2019 while looking for his next venture, he discovered the amazing work being done by Amber Harmon and her dedicated staff and knew immediately he needed to get involved. He joined the company as her partner, working with Amber and the team to grow SunGold Gardens and set the standard for organic garden services. With an eye on even the smallest details, Andy is focused on creating a one-of-a-kind organic garden experience that clients will enjoy season after season.

Corrin Hardin

Business Development / team gardener

Corrin graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Marketing. Inspired by her mom’s dream to help the community learn to grow food and be self-sustaining, she proudly joined the Sungold team in 2019. As the daughter of company founder Amber Harmon, she’s gotten wonderful hands on experience with our garden systems, learning our specialized processes from the ground up. With an ever-increasing role, Corrin is super talented and eager to help us grow and continue our leadership in the community.

Christy Folk

Team Gardener

Christy has a strong passion for combatting climate change, which she pursues in her various roles as a science educator, climate activist, community composter, and organic gardener. She managed an organic garden in college and is happy to be returning to her roots. Growing organic food for others in a sustainable manner. When she isn’t working or volunteering, she enjoys playing the piano and ukulele, and she has written over 270 song parodies to date.

Heather Bruner

senior gardener

Heather started gardening in college, beginning with a collectionof potted peppers and herbs. Her substantial gardening experience includesyears of maintaining her own home garden, an internship with Fleet Farming as aFarming and Greenhouse intern and all her work at SunGold Gardens. She’sincredibly motivated to have the opportunity to spend timeworking hands-on with organic vegetables as well as educate others about how togrow, maintain, incorporate and appreciate everything that happens in a garden.

Daniel Rodriguez

maintenance/installation coordinator, team gardener

Daniel grew up in Argentina and developed a fondness for gardening while tending his family’s gardens. Since moving to Florida in 2008 he rediscovered his passion for gardening while tending to fruiting trees for friends and customers. Daniel spent 20 years in managerial roles including The Osceola County Famers Market and it’s CSA program. Daniel has been inspired by the craftmanship, ingenuity and dedication that represent the SunGold way and is a dedicated member of the team.

Liam Spencer

senior gardener, installation specialist

Liam’s career in gardening began at the University of Central Florida working in the Arboretum community garden. After UCF, he spent months in Costa Rica doing a Permaculture Design internship growing food in the tropical jungle. He has always had a passion for plants and a special place in his heart for the environment and believes that properly growing our own food is the best way to steward the planet.