By Amber Harmon

Benefits of a Vegetable Garden Service in Orlando, FL

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By Amber Harmon
Benefits of a Vegetable Garden Service in Orlando, FL

An Organic Vegetable Garden Is Well Worth It!

With all of the studies and research that has been conducted on the harmful chemicals, pesticides and practices crops undergo in this country, it is no wonder the shift towards growing one’s own food is gaining momentum. While growing your own organic vegetable garden in Orlando, FL is an amazing idea, many of us may lack the skills, time, resources and education to ensure that our vegetables grow to their best ability. The good news is that a solution is near! Sungold Gardens is an Organic vegetable garden service in Orlando, FL, whose sole mission is to help families and companies alike become educated on growing their own food, and to tend to their garden for you, so that you can reap the benefits of organic food without all the time and hassle. If you are a “brown thumb”, this is wonderful as over time your gardening guru will teach you how to care for your vegetables and how to keep them healthy and happy.

So How Does This Work? I Don’t Have a Backyard in My Apartment

Not to worry! If you do not have a garden that does not mean you cannot reap the benefits of growing your own non-gmo, organic produce! How? This is easy with our raised vegetable garden. With this service, we deliver a raised garden bed which is stylish and can fit anywhere in your home. It will arrive at your residence with your chosen starter vegetables and personal gardener to tend to it and teach you all about organic vegetables and how to grow the tastiest food. Learn more about our products and pricing if you need an organic vegetable garden service in Orlando, FL.

Want The Raised Vegetable Garden But You Have No Time To Take Care of It?

This is precisely why Sungold Gardens is superior to any other vegetable garden service in Orlando, FL and beyond! Our premium service package allows you to eat and serve organic vegetables at your establishment or to your family and guests, with zero effort! Your vegetable garden servicer will tend to your produce each week, and you can take all the credit for your delicious food! Let us do all the work for you, and you can simply enjoy the fresh seasonal vegetables and compliments from your guests. We know not everyone’s schedule is the standard 9am-5pm, which is why we decided to create this package. Everyone from chefs to doctors, to nurses, to sales people and everything in between, can enjoy the luxury of an organic, non-GMO, vegetable garden service and eat fresh and healthy food.

Benefits of a Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

The benefits of raised garden beds are quite impressive! Read below:

  • There is no digging or tilling required. The garden beds come ready to use with special soil in each compartment and a grown vegetable plant.
  • The garden is virtually weed-free!
  • You can move your raised garden if where initially you placed it is not ideal. A traditional soil garden has to remain in the same spot by comparison, and if it is located in a spot that is too shady or the sun does not reach enough of the time, then that is an extra problem to have to handle.
  • Our self-watering system knows precisely how much hydration your plants will need without any effort on your part.
  • You can easily protect your garden from insects and other pests as you can place the system anywhere in your home or inside your outdoor screen enclosure!

Contact Us

For more information about our seasonal menu of vegetables, raised vegetable garden system colors, and anything else, please contact us right away. You can enjoy having a beautiful and hassle free vegetable garden starting tomorrow! Do not delay and eat organic by dinner time tomorrow.