By Amber Harmon

Buying An Elevated Garden Bed Is Better Than Making Your Own

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By Amber Harmon
Buying An Elevated Garden Bed Is Better Than Making Your Own

At Sungold Gardens, we pride ourselves on being extremely healthy. It is important that you benefit your body in any way you can and one way to stay healthy and energized is to eat fruits and vegetables. If you decide you would like to start gardening, there are quite a few options you can choose when designing the layout of your garden. Aside from picking the right vegetables, you will need to decide what type of garden bed you are going to use. A great option for you to try is an elevated garden bed.


When you are choosing garden beds for your vegetable garden, you should strongly consider going with an elevated garden bed. Some benefits of choosing this type of garden bed include:

  • Great aeration- the structure is not air tight which allows for better air circulation around the roots. Just like other parts of the plant, it is so important for the roots to breathe. The roots breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. If the soil is too compacted, the plant may suffocate and die.
  • Good drainage- The loose texture of the soil will allow for heavy rains to soak into the soil as opposed to the runoff that would carry away the topsoil. It also allows excess water to drain away so the plant is not drowning.
  • Better weed control- the elevated garden beds allow easy access for pulling up the very few weeds you may encounter in your vegetable garden. The plants will grow closely together which means they will suffocate the weeds out.
  • Better Pest Control- Most bugs find their way into your garden by crawling around on the ground. With the elevated garden bed, you will not have as many issues with insects because the garden bed is raised up. Also, it is easier to spot insects when you are walking through your garden because you have better visual and physical access to your plants.

Buying An Elevated Garden Vs. DIY

When it comes to deciding how you want to create your garden, you have tons of options. Sometimes people look into creating their own elevated garden beds. If you are very handy, you may think this is the right choice for you but it is always the better option to come into Sungold Gardens for advice and guidance in choosing the perfect elevated garden bed for your vegetable garden. Although you could build your own garden bed, it is more beneficial to purchase one from Sungold Gardens because we provide top quality materials and builds. We know exactly what needs to go into building an elevated garden bed and we can put in different features that will benefit the growth of your plants. We use patented products in our elevated garden beds which create the most convenience and results. We have been gardening for a long time and have dedicated our lives to providing a top quality product for you. Gardening can involve a lot of decision making, especially when it comes to choose the right garden beds. Let Sungold Gardens help you pick out the perfect elevated garden bed for your vegetable garden. Contact us today for more information!