Amber Harmon

The Best Vegetables For A Vegetable Garden In Orlando

Amber Harmon

The Best Vegetables For A Vegetable Garden In Orlando

Sungold Gardens was built off of love and family. The owner, Amber Harmon, realized how health conscious people have a renewed interest in Central Florida. For people who have a little time available and need assistance when it comes to growing a vegetable garden in Orlando, FL Amber and her team will teach you how to grow and harvest your vegetables for the most nutrient rich results.

The Best Vegetables and Where to Find Them

When it comes to finding the best vegetables, it can become difficult when it comes to the task of figuring out what to choose for each season. Luckily, on Sungold Gardens website, there is a breakdown for you listed under seasonal menu. If you have a 2’ by 8’ garden bed, then you can choose 7 vegetables for your vegetable garden in Orlando, and if you have a 4’ by 8’ bed, then you can choose up to 12 vegetables for your garden. You can find a list of seasonal vegetables suitable for Central Florida growers all the best vegetables and seed for them right here at Sungold Gardens. When you are purchasing your garden bed and any of your other gardening needs, Sungold Gardens will do a full planting of organic seasonal transplants grown on our premises and seeds for your garden. For the months of January to April 2017, there is a selection of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and much more to satisfy your desire for clean eating and sustainability.


When it comes to tomatoes, you can choose from heirloom tomatoes such as cherry tomatoes, and early season tomatoes. When choosing from heirloom tomatoes, you have the option of Cherokee Purple, Pineapple Tomato, and Anna Russian. Depending on how long you want your crop to last will help you narrow down the best vegetables to choose from for your vegetable garden in Orlando, FL. The Fireworks tomatoes are a great option for a quick harvest in as few as 65 days. Each tomato is unique in their taste and color. The Cherokee Purple is a rose/purple fruit with a sweet taste whereas the Pineapple Tomato that is red and yellow carries a fruity taste.


There are a variety of 6 different peppers to choose from in the 2 categories; sweet heirloom and hot heirloom. The two sweet heirloom peppers you can choose from are Corno Di Toro Red, which is a sweet, red pepper 8 to 10 inches in length. You can eat them fresh in your salads or sauté them depending on your preference. The other sweet heirloom pepper is the Chinese Giant, which makes for delicious stuffed peppers and is fully ripened when it turns bright red. As for the hot heirloom peppers, you have the Bulgarian Heirloom Carrot, Serrano, Sport, and Tabasco. They differentiate by color, taste, and size. The Bulgarian Heirloom Carrot is bright orange and although it offers the hot taste of chile's, it is also sweet so it lends to a great salsa. The Tabasco is extremely hot and is used for hot sauce. They grow on tall plants and turn red when they are ready.


There are 3 different eggplant heirlooms to choose from. You can choose the Pot Black which is a glossy oval eggplant that is produced in 2 to 3 ounces. The Fengyuan Purple is a long, skinny, Asian eggplant that happens to be the longest eggplant available. Its skin is very thin so you don’t even need to peel it! The Fengyuan Purple is great for grilling. Finally, we have the Listada de Gandia which has a purple and white outer layer and is a sweet fruit that grows up to 6 inches long.

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