By Amber Harmon

The Key Benefits Of Having Raised Garden Beds In Your Home

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By Amber Harmon
The Key Benefits Of Having Raised Garden Beds In Your Home

Raised Garden Beds Have Plenty of Advantages

If you have ever gardened the traditional way, you know that bending over and squatting low to the ground for hours causes some wear and tear over time. In addition the constant battle with bugs, sunlight, and watering your plants can make anyone a bit frustrated. Raised Garden beds offer a better solution. Read below to learn how these beds make an attractive option for the serious gardener.

Pain Reduction

Regular leveled gardens can cause the gardener pain and back strains. With the custom build of these raised garden beds in your home, gardeners are at an advantage when it comes to comfort. Gardeners can sit on the edge of a chair or stand when weeding, which really helps anyone who suffers from chronic pain conditions or prefers a more comfortable experience.

Insects Are Not a Problem

The barrier that the raised garden beds in your home can have added prevent garden bugs from crawling their way into your soil. There is nothing worse than spending hours planting gorgeous tomatoes only to find out that insects have destroyed them in a traditional garden scenario. With the mesh covers, insect problems are no longer a concern.

The Best Soil

The one of a kind 2’ by 8’ and 4’ by 8’ raised garden beds at Sungold Gardens offer special potting mix for growing your vegetables. The owners are passionate about ensuring that the potting mix includes the necessary micro and macronutrients to produce the tastiest vegetables. After years of trial and error, the time-tested formula ensures optimal growth and yield.

Extended Seasons

Sungold Gardens builds the raised garden beds so they can warm quickly in the sun, and in turn, the growing season lasts longer. What’s great is that you don’t have to build your own raised garden bed from scratch. The garden beds are custom built to your liking at Sungold Gardens to ensure that you have the best quality bed and a great growing season.

Less Dirt and Mistakes

If you are used to planting a regular garden without an elevated bed, then you probably deal with unwanted footprints and soil in your home when finishing gardening. This is not an issue with a raised garden beds because you can sit on the edge of a chair or stand when planting. You can even place your bed inside your screen enclosure like many of our clients do!

Attractive Design

Sungold's raised garden beds are made to look attractive and luxurious in design. They are dedicated to building perfection as they only use high-quality materials, and are devoted to creating the most efficient and high-end raised garden beds. Purchasing a raised garden bed from Sungold Gardens will include custom containers for a smooth irrigation system. Planting becomes so much easier because your garden is organized and spaced out appropriately.

Contact Us For Raised Garden Beds

To learn more about Sungold Gardens and how you can have a custom garden brought to your home please visit our products page. We look forward to helping all of Orlando and Central Florida eat healthy, non-GMO foods that are fresh and full of nutrients. If you aren’t a green thumb no worries, our premium garden service is available for busy individuals and business owners who strive to take control of their food but don’t have the time. Call us to get started today.